QSL Info

I respond 100% to paper QSLs:

  • Direct
  • Bureau

I also upload logs to the following:

If you happen to work me when I am mobile, those contacts usually don't make it into any real log, so if you need a QSL for the QSO, please send an email as soon as feasible after the QSO through the contact page and I'll make sure it gets into my log. When doing so, be sure to select "Mobile QSO Reminder" in the category drop down and provide date, time, frequency and mode of contact.

You may QSL direct to:

David Zahler 
1430 Mohawk Road 
North Brunswick, NJ 08902-1411 

For domestic QSLs, please include a SASE. In the case of DX, a SAE and $1.00 (US) or current IRC to defray postage would be appreciated.

ClubLog logs are usually uploaded in realtime, the exception is in the case of contests, then it gets done afterwards. LoTW logs are uploaded at least weekly. I have decided to discontinue blindly uploading logs to eQSL, as I don't like the the fact that it's too easy to claim credit on a busted call. I know that this doesn't make a hill of beans difference to anyone, because New Jersey is not some rare entity, but it is my way of protesting the fact that they don't do blind matching. I will however confirm QSLs I receive, provided I have a match in my log.

The only exception to my 100% QSL policy is in the case of QSLs that have overt political statements that are critical of United States policies. I have no problem with a card that waves a flag or even says how great your country is, but please don't criticize mine and expect an answer.